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Grace bonded with functionality better experience for everyone

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Grace bonded with functionality

Grace bonded with functionality better experience for everyone

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At CS Distribution, we have the fervent passion to cater only the very best products, without the slightest compromise on quality. We take pride in delivering not just some stuff in boxes, but wonderful experience to retailers from coast to coast.

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The Novo-Torch is secure and potent torch lighter. It’s consistent and flexible flame enables it to be used for various high-temperature tasks, such as metal soldering and making those precisely not-too-much toasted breadcrumbs or softly melting cheese.
With our Novo-mart torch lighter, you can light things up elegantly wherever you go. Discover your ideal flame to maintain the burn.
Let's fire up the grill, light some cigarettes and cigars, sear meat, and roast some vegetables with this dynamic lighter.

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